Student Fee Advisory Committee

User Fee Policy Subcommittee Report, 2002-2003


The user fee policy subcommittee was charged with revising the UCLA Student User Fee Policy, last revised in 1998.  The subcommittee consisted of undergraduate members Sumanta Chaudhuri and Allende Palma/Saracho, graduate members Antonio Sandoval and Dean Gerdeman, and was chaired by Lou Villadsen, ex-officio representative from the Office of Academic Planning & Budget (APB).  The subcommittee continued the work of the 2001-2002 user fee policy subcommittee, which had drafted most of the substantive changes to the policy.  The 2002-2003 subcommittee further refined the changes.  The revised policy is the result of numerous meetings, revisions and drafts, as well as input from organizations on campus that would be affected by the revised policy.  Most of the changes made in the policy were incorporated for clarity, accuracy and ease of use.  Important changes to the policy recommended by the subcommittee include: clarification of purpose and scope, clarification of fees covered by the policy, modification of the guidelines and process for requesting and evaluating new fees, and the addition of a periodic review of user fees by the SFAC.  The new Student User Fee Policy was submitted to the Chancellor in Winter Quarter and approved by the Chancellor in Spring Quarter.  The policy is available from APB.



Respectfully Submitted,


Dean Gerdeman

Graduate Representative

July 16, 2003