SFAC Continuity Report

Student Affairs Budget Review Team



The Student Affairs Budget Review Team (SABRT) is made of student representation from the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) and the Student Affairs administration.The purpose of the committee is to review various funding proposals from units within the Student Affairs division.The units within Student Affairs aim to support the teaching, research and public service functions of the University by providing programs and services, and educational experiences which promote the academic success of UCLA students and enhance the quality of campus life.These programs and services are geared toward supporting the mental, social and physical growth and development needs of our students in a healthy, safe and intellectually-challenging environment.Each academic year, as a collective, the SABRT decides which programs and services Student Affairs will request SFAC to support with student fees.


During the 1999-2000 academic year, the committee met in the fall for three days to discuss the proposals of Student Affairs services such as a pilot program for HIV testing.Previously, HIV testing was offered at the Ashe Center for a fee for students.However, representatives from Student Health Services recognized that the fee discourages some students who would benefit from testing, because the need for a receipt somewhat compromised the confidentiality of the test.With SFACís support, the HIV test could be offered to students without a charge, this would ultimately preserve the confidentiality of the test and encourage students at risk to test.The discussion in regards to funding this service was a collective assessment of how this service could affect both the academic and social experience of students at UCLA.SABRT also discussed requesting SFC resources to fund campus needs such as additional funding for the Student Events Scheduling staff, funding to cover the cost of the maintenance for the Bradley Hall facility and funding for a re-entry and non traditional students pilot program that would provide services that would meet the specific needs of these students.


Student participation on the SABRT is extremely important and beneficial to both the individual student as well as the entire campus community.As voting members on the committee, students are able to advocate on behalf of the needs of students.The SABRT provides a wonderful opportunity for students and administration to collectively discuss the needs of the campus and which programs and services are most effective in addressing those needs.


In recognizing the importance of student participation, the student recommendation is that the SABRT collectively work together to find a time that is more conducive with studentís schedules to convene the committee.Last year the committee met during finals week which was problematic for several of the students participating on the committee.


Karren Lane, Spring 2000