The Services Assessment Team (SAT) endeavors to ensure that student concerns receive appropriate consideration in the management and operations of student services providers.The primary function of the SAT is to administer periodic reviews of services for which students are the primary clients, without regard to the funding source of those units.The SAT will assess how successfully each unit ascertains and meets the needs of students.




The SAT will function as a subcommittee of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC).The subcommittee will consist of the four undergraduate and four graduate student members of the SFAC.




The SAT has compiled a list of twenty-four units to be included within its assessment.It will review these units in six-year cycles.Each spring the subcommittee will choose four units to review in the following year.The subcommittee will seek recommendations on which units to consider from the SFAC and the student governments.The review will consist of a written self-study to be completed by the unit, as well as site visits and an assessment of the student services to be completed by the SAT.The subcommittee will seek consultation as needed for additional input in assessing unit services.The SAT will submit a report to the SFAC with recommendations on how to enhance the effectiveness of the unit.The SFAC will submit the report to the Chancellor, the student governments, and other relevant entities.The reports will also be included in the five-year reviews for the appropriate Vice Chancellors.The unit will receive a copy of the report with notification of a one-year follow-up.In the next year, the SAT will prepare a follow-up report on the unitís implementation of the recommendations.




1) To ensure that units are providing services that effectively meet the needs of students.


2) To enhance the effectiveness of the unitís existing student input mechanisms (e.g. comment cards, surveys, advisory committees).


3) To identify opportunities for new student input mechanisms in areas lacking student perspective.


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