Dear Chancellor Carnesale,

The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) would like to inform you of the successful completion of the Comprehensive Unit Assessment (CUA) for FY2005-2006. With the cooperation of the registration fee funded units, the SFAC was able to understand many of the issues that units are facing within their budgets that will affect their ability to provide quality services to the student body. This information has allowed the SFAC to map a trajectory for the future of the registration fee that we hope will continue the quality, accessibility, and responsiveness of services that promote the retention and well-being of our student population.

Attached you will find a copy of the Executive Summary of the CUA which will provide you with a clear and concise summary of the entirety of the CUA process. It will also provide our general observations regarding the current state of the registration fee and priorities for the future should resources become available. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Julie Park, the SFAC Chair-Elect at

Warm Regards,


Eric Barba, Chair
Student Fee Advisory Committee 

Julie Park, Chair-Elect
Student Fee Advisory Committee

cc: Administrative Vice Chancellor Peter W. Blackman
Assistant Vice Chancellor Glyn Davies
Vice Chancellor Joseph Mandel
Vice Chancellor Janina Montero
Vice Chancellor Sam J. Morabito
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Daniel Neuman
Executive Dean Patricia O’Brien
Vice Chancellor Steve Olsen 
Dean Christopher Waterman
SFAC Members