Child Care Services
Continuity Report 1997-98

In this academic year, two (2) representatives from SFAC (1 graduate and 1 undergraduate), two (2) representatives from Child Care Services, one (1) USAC General Representative, and two (2) former chairs of SFAC came together to form the Child Care Services Advisory Committee.  This committee was formed in an effort to expand current services to more student parents and find out how many more students are in need of childcare services.

Currently there are over 300 student parents on the waiting list for UCLA Child Care.  In order to try to serve more parents, the Child Care Services Committee investigated the idea of providing partial stipends for student parents who could pay some of the cost but not all.  Since the cost of UCLA Child Care for student parents has for a long time been the concern of SFAC members, we found that this would be our only solution for expanding current services to more student parents, until there is more funding available.  So the committee has yet to determine what the criteria will be for student parents that will receive partial stipends.  What the committee would really like to see happen is that UCLA Child Care Services receive more funding from the University and the State so that they may provide child care at no cost to eligible student parents.

The committee wanted to also provide students a survey in which we could possibly find out what the need is for childcare on campus.  We had hoped to get it on the Spring Elections ballot, but due to time constraints we were unable to meet the deadline.  The committee also felt that since there is usually a small turn out in student government election it was only going to give a very limited picture of the need for childcare.  The committee wants the university to sponsor a survey through the registrar’s office, but attempts have already been made with no luck.

-- Prepared June 1998