SFAC Services Assessment Team

Unit Review--Self-Study


As a first step of the Unit Review process, the Services Assessment Team (SAT) requests that you complete the following written self‑study.  The purpose of the SAT is to ascertain the degree to which various campus services successfully meet the needs of students.  In order for SAT to make that assessment and recommendations for the future, we need your cooperation in providing information about the services of your unit.  Feel free to supplement your responses with any materials that will assist us in our review process.


Purpose and Scope

1) Please provide a one paragraph statement of your mission as a unit.  If you have a current Mission Statement, Statement of Long-term Goals, or other comparable document, please include it with your response.


2) Provide an outline or description of the scope of services provided.  If you have brochures or other documents which describe your services, please include them with your response.


3) Please provide a profile of your staff including student employees; please include a current organizational chart.


4) Please provide statistics describing usage patterns of unit services for the past 1 to 3 years.  If data is available for sub-populations, such as graduate students or undergraduates, as well as for over-all usage, please include.



5) How do you identify the needs of the student body in general?  Do you have any regular student representation in your planning and/or decision making process (i.e., an advisory committee)?


6) Describe any additional mechanisms for student input into your planning process that are currently in place (i.e., comment card, surveys).  Please provide a sample of each.  If you have made any summaries of this year’s student input, please include them.  Describe your unit's complaint resolution process.


7) What are the primary initiatives and challenges you see for your unit in the near future (1 to 3 years)?  In your opinion, are there relevant student needs that your unit is not providing which you feel it should be providing? If yes, what strategies have you considered for addressing them?  If you have a recent written strategic plan, please include it in your response.



8) Describe the mechanisms you use for marketing/communicating your services to students.  Do you engage in "outreach" to promote your services?  Please include any promotional publications currently used by your unit. 


9) Briefly describe your unit's current use of technology (computers, video, etc.) to deliver services.  Describe any plans you have to make use of technology to improve services in the future. 


10) Describe and assess the effectiveness of collaboration between your unit and others on or off campus relevant for service delivery.


                                                                                                            Spring 2001