Scholarship Resource Center 1998-99
Continuity Report

The following report recapitulates the activities of the Scholarship Resource Center

(SRC) from 1996 to present. Three focal points will be discussed, satisfactory

"performance benchmarks," current funding sources and the Student Fee Advisory

Committee’s (SFAC) funding allocation.

Performance Benchmarks

SFAC’s 1996 letter to the Chancellor from the Chair and Vice Chair of the SFAC,

recommended that $80,000 per year over a three three-year period be allocated for

implementation of the SRC. Funding was granted contingent on satisfactory compliance

of SFAC’s original mandates:

1. Establishment of a student-majority advisory group.

2. Establishment of counseling services.

3. Development of a plan for finding permanent space for SRC.

4. Presentation of a plan for future administration of the SRC

5. Development of an evaluation methodology for quantitative and qualitative data.

6. An annual year-end presentation to SFAC by the SRC Director.

The SFAC had some concerns in regards to the evaluation methodology for quantitative

and qualitative data. Understanding the difficulty in defining and measuring the

appropriate outcomes, the SFAC concluded that it was difficult to ascertain exactly how

many registered students actually utilized the SRC’s services. Furthermore, data

collected was gathered on a voluntary basis from students and as such, did not allow us to

generalize the findings to the student body. The responses received however, were very

positive. SFAC presented the Director with some suggestions on how to improve the

collection of data such as show-casing actual scholarship winners or better utilization of

their web-site.

Current funding sources

The College of Letters and Science and Student Affairs are currently committed to

continue funding the SRC. The College will provide approximately $53,000 in

permanent funds per year; Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Tom Lifka, will

commit ongoing temporary support of $30,000 per year for the SRC’s activities.

Currently, SFAC’s commitment is $81,000 per year.

SFAC’s funding allocation

SFAC recommended to the Chancellor to fund $50,000 in temporary funds

to the SRC for the 1999-00 term. Although the expectation from the SRC was for the

approval of permanent funding, temporary funds were recommended since the SFAC

expressed concerns over the issue of SRC’s evaluation methodology for quantitative and

qualitative data. SFAC realizes the contribution the SRC has made to the student body

and wishes to continue working closely with the group in order to help them with their

evaluation methodology methods.