Student Services Advisory Board (SSAB)
Continuity Report 1997-98

The primary task this year of the Student Services Advisory Board (SSAB) was to clarify the Board’s jurisdiction, goals, and methods for advising units under its purview. This is the first year SSAB has convened.

The purpose of the Board is to provide guidance to student-service units that are not funded through registration fees and do not, therefore, fall under the jurisdiction of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). Specifically, SSAB oversees the Graduate Division and parts of the Student Affairs Division.  The 17-person board consists of four students (two undergraduates and two graduates), one post-doctoral fellow, faculty, and administrators, including the Sr. Associate Dean of the School of Medicine and the Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.

With regard to its jurisdiction, the Board determined that all areas of the Graduate Division and the following areas of Student Affairs fall under SSAB’s purview:

Student Academic Services
- Financial Aid Office
- Registrar’s
- Student Loan Services and Collections
- Undergraduate Admissions and Relations
- Student Affairs Information and Research

Student Development & Health
- Office for Students with Disabilities

Student & Campus Life
- International Students & Scholars (those parts funded through General Funds)
- Dean of Students

Student Affairs Administration (those parts funded through General Funds)

Although the Board has not yet determined the full scope of SSAB, including to what extent SSAB will gather primary data for evaluating service levels, members agreed on the general direction of the committee. SSAB will support units by first learning about existing services and then providing input regarding one or more of the following components: (1) scope of service; (2) performance standards and criteria; (3) comprehensiveness of self-evaluations; (4) methods for obtaining customer suggestions; (5) and strategic and budgetary plans. Two subcommittees were also established, one assigned to each division, which will meet with division directors and staff beginning this summer.

-- Prepared June 1998