Scholarship Resource Center
Continuity Report 1997-98

In this academic year the Scholarship Resource Center entered its second year of operation.  Under the directorship of Angela Deaver Campbell, the SRC refined many of its processes and continued to establish a presence on campus.  Since their mission lies in helping students with the scholarship process, they continued to offer workshops, a scholarship database, and exceptional personal attention and hospitality.  In addition to overseeing its day-to-day functions, Ms. Deaver Campbell also forged a link with the University Development Office, which traditionally takes on the role of cultivating new scholarships.

Unfortunately, the decision was made to keep the SRC in Covel Commons as a permanent location due to space constraints on campus.  However, the SRC continued to pull in a sizable portion of the campus population despite the physical distance from most students, noted in the largely equal visitation among freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.  One directed priority lay in working more directly with other campus units that facilitate student scholarships.  For example, the SRC developed workshops with Honors counselors around the national and British merit scholarships.  Since many of these scholarship applicants undergo rigorous selection processes, educating students on all the parameters was key.

Under the supervision of the newly appointed Betty Glick, the SRC began to develop a strong relationship with the University, an opportunity not available last year because of changing leadership within the administration.  The SRC has also begun looking for permanent funding because SFAC’s provisions for the SRC’s funding conclude at the end of next year.  At one point, Ms. Deaver Campbell mentioned the prospect of USAC funding, but the search process continues.

At the end of their second year, and despite the handicap of a remote location, the SRC continued to be a strong resource in encouraging and facilitating students through the scholarship application process.  With a more grounded and substantial relationship developing with various other university units, they have built towards a promising next few years.

-- Prepared June 1998