Student Fee Advisory Committee

Vice-Chair/SHAC Liaison/Daily Bruin Contact Report, 2001-2002


The responsibilities of the Vice-Chair of SFAC vary from year to year.  This year, responsibilities included ranged from helping the chair manage SFAC business and agendas, accompanying the chair to the Council on Student Fees (CSF) meetings, and sending letters and correspondence regarding issues pertinent to SFAC. 


In Spring Quarter, the Vice-Chair met with the Co-Chair elect of SHAC for the 2002-2003 to discuss the previous and upcoming years.  In 2001-2002, the primary issue for SHAC was the SHIP insurance plan.  SHAC spent extensive time examining various options for the plan, which was expanded to include undergraduates for 2001-2002.  One particular area of concern was how best to address rapidly rising costs of prescription drugs without significant increases in student fees.  SHAC members felt that they have been an influential and valuable representative for students during the past year; the members of SHAC also seem satisfied with their relationships with the staff in SHS.  For next year, a primary priority for SHAC is to better advertise the role of the committee to the student body.


Contact with the Daily Bruin is extremely limited and on a need-only basis.  In Fall Quarter, the VC contacted the staff of the Daily Bruin for introductions and mutual contact information. There was no subsequent communication with the Daily Bruin and little, if any, coverage of SFAC business in the newspaper.


Prepared by Dean Gerdeman, Spring 2002