FY2005-2006 CUA Questionnaire


1)      Unit Goal/Mission: Please provide a one paragraph statement of your mission as a unit. Be certain to address how you contribute to the quality of the student experience at UCLA. If you have a current Mission Statement, Statement of Long Term Goals, or other comparable document, please include it with your response.

2)      Staffing/ Organizational Chart: Please provide the following information about your organization (please distinguish between registration fee funded versus non registration fee funded employees):

        A current organizational chart

        The number of FTE employees

        The number of student employees

        The number of contract employees

      Does your organizational chart include registration fee funding for permanent FTE positions that have not been filled? If so, please indicate how long these vacancies have been present and the circumstances as to why they have not been filled.

3)      Services: What services, if any, have your stopped providing because of the previous budget cuts? If the SFAC were to have funds available, what would you earmark as your priorities for future funding increases?

4)      What are the primary initiatives and challenges you see for your unit within the next one to three years?

5)      Evaluation and Assessment of Services: How many students do you serve per year on average? Please include the number of walk-ins and kept appointments. Do you have a system in place where students can evaluate the services? What type of response rate have you received and how have you used these results? Are there other campus entities that are giving input on your services? If you are not conducting an evaluation process, please indicate why not.

6)      What evaluative mechanisms do you have in place to identify the needs of the student body? Has this process resulted in the identification of new services that are needed? Are you utilizing the information provided by the Student Affairs Information and Research Office (SAIRO) in this process? If so, how?

7)      User Fees: Do you currently have activities or services for which you charge user fees to students as defined by the Student User Fee Policy? If so, please complete the questions in Appendix A. If not, do you anticipate the implementation of future user fees for your services? Please explain.