January 18, 2006


Vice Chancellor Pete Blackmun

Assistant Vice Chancellor Tom Lifka

Assistant Vice Chancellor Joseph Mandel

Vice Chancellor Janina Montero

Assistant Vice Chancellor Bob Naples

Assistant Provost Betty Glick

Vice Chancellor Sam Morabito

Dean Christopher Waterman

Assistant Vice Chancellor Edward Wiesmeier


Re: SFAC FY2005-2006 Comprehensive Unit Review (CUA)


This letter is to inform you that the Student Fee Advisory Committee is launching its annual review process for units that receive registration fee funds. Attached, you will find a copy of a cover letter explaining the purpose and process of this assessment as well as the questionnaire we are asking your units to respond to. In addition to informing you of this process, the SFAC would like to ask your assistance by ensuring that units under your purview engage in this process in a diligent and timely manner. SFAC will use this information to move forward in our goal to ensure our best support for student services. We ask that you discuss this assessment with your units to develop the highest quality of information for our review. If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to contact me at ebarba@saonet.ucla.edu. Thank you very much for your continued support.



Warm Regards,



Eric Barba, Chairperson

Student Fee Advisory Committee


Enclosure:         CUA Cover Letter and Questionnaire


cc:        Assistant Vice Chancellor Glyn Davies

            SFAC Members

Unit Directors