The Student Fee Advisory Committee

User Fee Subcommittee Report, 2001-2002


The members of the User Fee subcommittee in 2001-2002 were Vanessa Sifuentes, Dean Gerdeman, Matt Kaczmarek and Jacob Littleton, with Lou Villadsen serving as ex oficio representative from the Office of Academic Planning and Budget.  The committee met to revise the 1998 Policy on the Charging of User Fees in Student Fee-Funded Programs in order to respond to changes in planning and budgeting at the University.


The subcommittee worked to clarify the distinction between fees charged for material used in coursework (course materials fee) and user fees, which are charged for services or materials used on a voluntary basis, and for which students are a significant portion of the intended user group.  The subcommittee also worked to clarify special criteria for determining the appropriateness of the User Fee Policy to particular fees.  For instance, administrative service charges, fines and forfeitures charged by university departments are covered by this policy; however, fees charged by the Housing Office and Parking and Transportation Services are not, because these two deparments are part of self-funded, bonded systems that have to comply with criteria set by bondholders.  Finally, the subcommittee clarified the processes for proposing new user fees and reviewing established ones.  Its goal in this regard was to retain as much oversight as possible for the University, while giving departments the flexibility to respond to changing costs.


Further details of this discussion can be found in the SFAC's new UCLA Student User Fee Policy.


Prepared by Jacob Littleton, June 2002