The Project Review Group (PRG)


The Project Review Group (PRG) includes representatives from Capital Programs, The Office of Academic Planning and Budget, Facilities Management, ADA Compliance, the Center for Performing Arts, The Athletic Department, and Student Affairs.  They meet late in the fall quarter to review the budget of capital projects, or upcoming constructions and renovations.  The group prioritizes projects on the basis of safety, legality, and student needs and makes recommendations to SFAC and the Chancellor.  PRG has two SFAC representatives to help determine student needs.  The SFAC representatives also help to ensure that student fee money only be spent on student fee facilities.  Student fee designated buildings are those not eligible to receive state funds.


The 98-99 SFAC Committee gave the PRG temporary funding of $200,000 a year for a three-year period beginning in the 99-00 year.  These funds are to address major deferred maintenance needs in student fee designated buildings.  The 99-00 PRG proposed receiving two years of funding at once to replace the roof of Pauley Pavilion, which had sustained water damage.  They also recommended other safety and ADA related improvements on structures including Royce Hall, the Sunset Canyon Recreational Center Pool, the Jackie Robinson Stadium, the Los Angeles Tennis Center, and the Marina dock.  SFAC supported the PRG’s proposals and the Executive Vice Chancellor Hume approved them.


Next year the PRG plans to use its remaining $200,000 of SFAC funding to repair termite damage to the Sunset Canyon Recreational Center.  This year’s committee will review that as well as any upcoming capital programs.