Subcommittee to Review "Guidelines and Procedures for Registration Fee Funding"
Continuity Report 1997-98

The 1997-98 Subcommittee members were Michelle Sumagaysay, Patrick Gomez, Howard Wang, and Carol Sypher.  Previous reviews begun in 1995 were not finalized, when many drafts were written, revised, and re-written to condense, clarify and eventually consolidated two separate documents into one.  The first was entitled "Appropriateness for Reg Fee Funding," and the other, "Guidelines for Requesting Reg Fee Funding from SFAC."

In 1997-98, the Subcommittee again reviewed the previously consolidated document, suggested further revisions, and named the document as "Information for Submitting Proposals for Reg Fee Funding."  In Section I of the document, clarifications were made as who may seek funding directly from SFAC, and criteria that proposals would be evaluated for appropriateness for Registration Fee funding.  In Section II, guidelines were established as what supporting documents and information would be needed, and the procedures with which the proposals should be submitted.

This newly revised document is being reviewed by the UCLA Office of Academic Planning and Budget, and by UCLA Student Affairs.

-- Prepared June 1998