There are many different types of fees that students are charged. These fees serve a variety of purposes and generally the income that is generated from a certain type of fee can only be used for very specific purposes. On this page of our website you will find links to documents that explain the different types of fees, what they are used for, and how they are set.

Student Fees at UCLA

This document lists and explains the purpose of each type of fee that a student may be charged at UCLA.

University of California Student Fee Policy – Student Services Fee (effective fall 2010)

This document includes the guidelines for campus implementation of the Student Services Fee portion of the University of California Student Fee Policy.

University of California Student User Fee Policy

As a UCLA student you may be charged a user fee for a variety of services. There are guidelines that limit the use of these fees and provide for SFAC review of all of these fees.

Student User Fee Policy

The Student User Fee Report lists all of the user fees at UCLA

Course Materials Fees

Course materials fees are fees that are associated with some courses that require the use of special materials. The Course Materials Fee Policy governs the establishment of these fees and provides for SFAC review.

Current UCLA Fees

The UCLA Registrar provides information on current fee levels for all students.

Compensation Policy

This document specifies the compensation payment policy for student members of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC), Campus Programs Committee (CPC), Campus Retention Committee (CRC), Community Activities Committee (CAC), Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), and Student Initiated Access Committee (SIAC).

Accountability Policy

This document outlines the SFAC accountability policy.

Organizational Documents

Regents Policy 3101